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Welcome to the PPSHV Expressway, where speed meets convenience and connectivity. The PPSHV Expressway is a state-of-the-art transportation artery that effortlessly links major cities, providing a seamless and efficient travel experience. As you embark on this transformative journey, be prepared to witness breathtaking landscapes and experience the thrill of modern engineering. This expressway is designed with your needs in mind, boasting cutting-edge safety features, smart traffic management systems, and convenient amenities along the way. Whether you’re a daily commuter, a traveler exploring new horizons, or a logistics professional seeking optimized routes, the PPSHV Expressway will exceed your expectations, making every mile a remarkable adventure.

As you traverse the PPSHV Expressway, you’ll be captivated by more than just its exceptional infrastructure. Adorning the expressway’s bridges are eye-catching overhead billboards that offer unparalleled advertising opportunities. The overhead billboard on the bridge is an ingenious marketing canvas, showcasing your brand to a vast and diverse audience. With millions of vehicles passing by each day, your message will be strategically positioned for maximum visibility, leaving a lasting impression on countless motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. From vibrant visuals to compelling slogans, the overhead billboard on the PPSHV Expressway bridges will transform your brand into a captivating spectacle, ensuring that it reaches your target audience in an engaging and memorable way. Join us on this remarkable journey and unlock the limitless potential of the PPSHV Expressway’s overhead billboard advertising.


Attention Drivers! Experience the future of advertising on the PPSHV Expressway Tolls with our cutting-edge LED displays. As you breeze through the toll booths, be captivated by vibrant visuals and dynamic content that will leave a lasting impression. Our high-resolution LED screens will showcase your brand, products, or services in stunning detail, ensuring maximum visibility to the millions of commuters traveling this busy expressway. Stand out from the competition and engage with your target audience in a unique way. Join us in revolutionizing roadside advertising with our state-of-the-art LED technology on the PPSHV Expressway Tolls today!


Introducing the future of advertising on the PPSHV Expressway Tolls: the Scrolling Light Box! Immerse yourself in an awe-inspiring visual experience like never before. As you traverse this bustling expressway, be captivated by the vibrant, high-definition LED displays that grace the toll gates. Our Scrolling Light Box seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with captivating content, allowing brands to showcase their messages with unparalleled impact. From eye-catching graphics to compelling videos, your brand will shine brightly, commanding the attention of commuters during their daily journeys. Join us in revolutionizing advertising on the PPSHV Expressway Tolls and make an indelible impression on a vast audience with our mesmerizing Scrolling Light Box displays.



Expressway Unipole billboards refer to tall billboards located next to expressways, usually consisting of two or more faces large billboards. This form of advertising can attract the attention of passing vehicles and pedestrians through the height of the antiaircraft gun and the large-area display of the billboard, and provide eye-catching advertising effects.



First & Unique

Interaction with local & International new platforms for the first and only one of expressway
in Cambodia; However, Billboard amount is limited and standardized. You will be the first
brand to expose on that way.


The Overhead Billboard is ready there front of the passenger, and Everyone is free of
charged to view it; However, there is no other ads nearby there; People can only look at it.


Only autocar that can drive on expressway, to cover only medium high level people, which
own car and afford the toll fee; the target is locked with premium audiences. Hence, only
premium brand also can display on expressway.