Gold Zone Media


Our high pixel LED screen makes your ad looks sharper, better and more professional. Consumers look for signs that the ad is legitimate, and the most convincing proof is a professional looking outfit.

 With a screen size of almost 1000m2,, our screen is 12 times bigger than the second biggest LED screen and 53 times bigger than the current smallest LED screen in Cambodia.

 Our screen is located nearby to the Embassy of Australia, Aeon Mall, Naga World, Diamond Island (Koh Pich), etc. These are high-traffic areas whi


          Out-of-home advertising (OOH), also called OOH
          media, is any visual advertising media found
          outside of the home. This can include billboards,
          indoor and outdoor signs, ads on street furniture
          like bus shelters. We have many years of
          experience planning and placing highly targeted
          Out of Home media, Tradeshow Marketing and
          Experiential Campaigns.